Monday, June 28, 2010

Inlow 10

Finished my 3rd year of doing video for Shaun's youth camp. I was up till 5:30am working on this last one. The most exciting thing is that I filmed the whole week in HD!

The whole week can be found here.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Last weekend we took the train up to Chicago, kidless! It was lots of fun.

The train was fun. We watched movies on the laptop so the ride went by quickly. They kept the car cool.

We got to the hotel at 10:45pm, then walked to Giordanos and ate a whole stuffed pizza!  Very cheesy and very good!

Friday we walked over 2 miles to Shedd Aquarium*, very cool.  My favorite was the dolphin/beluga whale show.

Next we went to the Planetarium* and watched a sky show on constellations.

We stopped at the Buckingham Fountain and the Cloud Gate (bean) on the way back to get dressed for our night on the town!

The Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup a few days before we got to Chicago so it was Blackhawk hysteria everywhere.  I was taking this picture of the hockey lions outside the art museum when Brittany spotted Vince Vaughn walking down the street!  We followed him for awhile to confirm his identity, then I looked back at this picture and realized he was in it!

We went to Al Primo Canto for made-on-order-all-you-can-eat Brazilian food. The lamb was my favorite.

We then went to the John Hancock building observatory*, then after nightfall we went back up to the 96th floor and got a seat along the window. I was sitting by a guy from France who offered to take our picture.

After that we walked Navy Pier and rode the ferris wheel. We went to bed after 1am!

Saturday morning we ate a huge breakfast at Houlihan's, then walked to the Field Museum* (behind my head).  My favorite section is the dead stuffed animals. Brittany liked the dinosaur skeletons.

After the museum we walked back through cloudy downtown to Xoco for lupper.

After lupper it was time to leave so we walked back to Union Station and returned to our child!

We had a great time, I recommend taking a trip there!

*Side note: If you're planning on going to the aquarium, planetarium, Hancock building, Sears tower, Field Museum, or Museum of Science and Industry, you should get a City Pass. Its $70 per person, which is probably less than you'd spend at two of those places without it, and it gets you in to all of them!